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50 years history

MD Service history starts a long time ago, before its foundation.
We have to go back to the early Seventies, when Flavio, the founder of the current company, learns how to operate his first mobile crane, becoming so skilled as to receive a job offer from another company, where he keeps on gaining expertise.
With two other operators, Flavio decides to start a rental company, buying an old lattice crane and restoring it.
A new era begins bringing intense work with big companies in important projects throughout the Triveneto and South Tyrol.
The amount of work requires the purchase of new vehicles, including truckcranes and trucks for transport.

Intervento a Venezia

In the mid-Eighties, this company closed down and Flavio, supported by the managerial and commercial skills of his wife Dina, now company managing director, continued in the business by founding MD Service.
Over time, the fleet has been further expanded, always selecting mobile cranes capable of guaranteeing safety and reliability.
Meanwhile, his children Andrea and Nadia took their first steps in the company, initially dividing their time between study and work, then devoting themselves completely to the family business.

Intervento sulle Dolomiti

Today MD Service, thanks to its new and more modern mobile cranes, can extend the services it offers.