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CORMACH 125000 E9F 186

Nominal payload 40T

An articulated hydraulic crane with large capacity, mounted on a Scania 8 × 4 truck with short wheelbase, is suitable for the most varied jobs.
The Scania 8 × 4 truck allows you to reach work sites in narrow spaces, with steep slopes and thanks to its short wheelbase it offers the possibility of going where other conventional vehicles could not.
Thanks to the 8 × 4 configuration, it can load on its body loads of up to 15 tons to be handled on site, with the possibility of attaching trailers of up to 9 meters in length.
The Cormach crane, famous for its precision and stability, thanks to its double column can reach a maximum height of 36 meters and a maximum reach of 32 meters.
It also has an adjustable extension, ideal for constructing overhead cranes or whereever its reduced arm thickness is required.
Adjustable two-seater platform.
Winch with a maximum capacity of 10T.


DEMAG AC 60 city class

Nominal capacity 60T

The most compact mobile crane in its class, with a total length of only 9.98 meters.
Thanks to its independent steering system and 8 × 8 traction, it can reach the most complex work sites.
Telescopic arm from 8 to 50.4 meters, plus jib from 1.2 to 7.4 meters, adjustable from -11 ° to 40 °.


Nominal capacity 80T

Compact and modern mobile crane, capable of satisfying 90% of jobs in its standard configuration, excellent for off-road use.
Telescopic arm from 10.9 to 50 meters, plus Jib from 17.6 meters, adjustable up to 40 °.

autogru Demag AC 205 80T


Nominal capacity 100T

The most capable and compact one in its category, ideal both for the handling of heavy loads and for the handling of light loads thanks to its various arm settings.
Telescopic arm from 12.5 to 50.2 meters, plus 33 meter jib, adjustable up to 40 °.


Nominal capacity 160T

Very fast, high performance crane. It’s the link between 100T mobile cranes and 200T and above mobile cranes.
Telescopic arm from 13.2 to 60 meters, plus jib from 12 to 36 meters, adjustable up to 45 °.

Cormach 27500 E4F64

CORMACH 27500 E4F64

Nominal capacity 10T

Hydraulic articulated crane mounted on a Man 4 × 2 road tractor, suitable for narrow spaces such as the city center and the interiors of production sites .
It can load up to 22 tons on its body, with the possibility of attaching semi-trailers up to 12.5 meters in length.
The Cormach 27500 E4F64 crane can reach 15 meters in height with its base arm and 25 meters with a jib.


Low-floor semi-trailer.

Height aboveground: 90 cm
Useful surface: 9 mt
Max capacity: 28 tn
Equipped with a double winch for loading and unloading
4 meters double ramp
3m stretchers for oversize loads.
Transport of machinery and equipment.


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