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Frequently asked

Why is it worth renting?

Because if you rent, you can concentrate on your business, knowing you can rely on our the machinery which is always serviced and checked.

Why turn to a professional renter?

Because a professional renter guarantees an timely checks on each machine and has a fleet of machines checked by authorized workshops.

What is the difference between “noleggio a freddo” (bare rental) and “noleggio a caldo” (equipment rental with operator)?

“Noleggio a freddo” consists in providing a good without any operator assigned to use it. “Noleggio a caldo”, instead, supplies an asset together with personnel assigned to use it.

Is operator training necessary for both bare and operated rental?

Yes, it is mandatory according to the Italian State-Regions agreement Repertoire deeds no. 53 / csr of 02/22/2012, Annex VII and based on art. 73, paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 81/08.

Why choose MD Service as your professional renter?

  • Site survey as a standard procedure
  • Preliminary advice to propose economically advantageous solutions
  • Continuously trained staff
  • Vehicle fleet adequate to satisfy most requests
  • Fifty years of experience